Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Be Excellent

Good Morning! Ü

Today is going to be an excellent day! It's all about the choice you make when you arise in the morning...whether it will be excellent or mediocre. My pastor has been preaching on just this subject for the last few months...'Strive to be excellent in everything you do'. It's a difficult path to take each and every day, but God is calling us to 'be excellent'.

I wanted to share with you a quote from James Ray that I got in my email box this morning...

"When you find the goodness and gifts in all life's situations, even the most difficult, the universe guarantees more goodness and gifts."

As I said above...It's all a matter of choice. Ü

Have a blessed day and make it from your heart! Pamela

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  1. You are SO right. I NEEDED that this morning! Thank YOU! I've been so busy lately with things and tend to have that TOTALLY overwhelmed feeling that being SO busy can bring with it that I think automatically in my mind I decide it's going to all be bad BECAUSE I'm so busy. But, you're RIGHT! I have to change MY thinking. I have to decide it's going to be a GOOD day and REMEMBER to trust in the Lord.
    Thank You!


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