Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How to Prepare for a Productive Scrapbook Retreat or Crop

It’s that time again! I’ve been preparing for my scrapbook retreat this weekend at The Covered Bridge Inn in Weatherford, Texas. I can not wait to go because I have finally learned the secret to preparing and being productive while I am there!

I have tried to grasp the concept of creating ‘power layouts’ for many years, with little success. That is until this past fall! So, I would like to share with you what worked wonders for myself and I hope that it will help you in preparing for your next retreat or crop.

I probably scrapbook a little different than most people do because I am usually teaching scrapbook classes that are already prepared for me by Close To My Heart. All I have to do is select the photos that I’d like to use on the layouts that I create with the particular kit I am using for the month.

So, I’ve said for several years now, that I “scrapbook backwards” because I create my scrapbook layouts first, and then go back and select the photos I want to use. I can print them out any size I need and even change them to black & white or sepia…whatever works best for the layout I have made.

Anyway, this past fall, I finally decided to try putting some power layouts together for my upcoming retreat and once I figured it out…I couldn’t stop myself! Here are the steps that worked for me…

1. I gathered several of my extra Close To My Heart Idea Books and flipped through the pages of each one and tore out or cut out the scrapbook layout ideas that I wanted to recreate. I also looked through my computer files for ideas that I have saved that I wanted to recreate as well and printed those out.


2. Since every layout I create is a Close To My Heart Scrapbook Program Concept, I just need to determine what scrapbook layout concept it is that I need to locate in one of the three Scrapbook Programs by Jeanette Lynton. I can usually find the name of the concept right underneath the photo of the layout if I’m using an idea straight from an idea book. Otherwise, I check out the quick reference pages in each Scrapbook Program for the concept.


Look closely at the below photo. You can see that the idea I pulled from an old idea book matches up with the concept I found in the Imagine Scrapbook Program.


From the above pages, I can use the cutting diagrams to cut my paper so that it is all prepared for me when I sit down to scrapbook. I also gathering all the accessories I want to use and include those in a mini ziplock bag, if they fit.


Once all is prepared, I put everything inside a 13” x 13” ziplock bag, which are available in our latest 2010 Spring Idea Book and online at MyCTMH website


The first round of creating my power layouts netted me over 40 power layout kits! So, I still have lots to work on this coming weekend with little preparation. Woohoo!

I might see if I can pull a few new ones together tonight just for fun.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Have a great weekend and God bless!



  1. Great ideas but too late for me for this weekend. But I will still have plenty to do. And I will try to start these for the next retreat

  2. I just love this idea. So easy to put your pages together when you go to a crop. This is truly the best idea yet. Thanks.

  3. What a great idea! We have a retreat coming up in June, this should be something I should get going on as well. Have fun and happy creating!

  4. Thanks for sharing your great idea! I'm attending my first crop retreat weekend in March and this will be awesome for me to get a lot done! This retreat will tie me over until Convention in July!! Can hardly wait!!

  5. Just pinned a link back here. Such a great blog post about prepping for a crop!!!

  6. Love this I never thought of using my CTMH books to cut out with the paper I am going to use! I will put this idea into practice!d


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