Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Eclipse & a New Marbling Technique

If you are friend of mine on Facebook, then you know how much I enjoyed Monday night’s total lunar eclipse that just so happened on the winter solstice. We were blessed to have a beautiful clear night sky with temperatures that were in the 50s. It was amazing! I sat out in the middle of our yard, by myself mostly, as my husband, Mike, wasn’t feeling to well and the girls were asleep. My 15 year old son came out a few times and we enjoyed some time together. Once the moon was totally in the Earth’s shadow, that is when the sky was the darkest and the stars shown so incredibly bright. I was in awe of God’s creativity of the heavens.

Here is a pretty good picture that I captured with my camera and zoom lens of the moon partially covered.

2010-12-21_7960If you missed it, I’m not sure you will ever get the chance in this life time to see it. It probably depends on where you live. I do know it will never happen again on the winter solstice in our life time.


Now, how about I share with you a really cool new technique I learned yesterday from the latest webisode of...


While I was waiting on the total lunar eclipse to take place, I watched an awesome tutorial on Tracey Mason’s blog on how to create these cool paper roses I’ve been seeing everywhere. Once I got one made, I had to use it on something, so I made this card using the cool background paper I learned to make on Art & Soul!


Come to think of it, I used several new techniques on this card. The idea for the pleated ribbon made from cardstock came from a You Tube tutorial I watched by Annette Green.

Ok, check out the new cool marbling technique that Jill taught on the latest webisode of Art & Soul using Liquid Glass!


It really was so easy to do and gives the coolest background effect. Check out how to do it on Art & Soul today!

Here is the inside of my card using the leftover scrap I had from my background paper…


You will definitely be seeing more ideas from me using this technique! Try it today!

Not sure if I’ll get around to posting anything else before Christmas, so just in case…may you and yours have a Blessed & Merry Christmas!

Remember…Jesus is the Reason for the Season,


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