Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Inspiration for Your Day

No Surrender

When you believe in yourself, in your personal potential, in your own future,

you have no choice - surrender is not an option. There's nothing to do but continue.

Sometimes you want to give up, but you can't - something deep inside you won't let you.

No white flags, no bailing out, no throwing in the towel for you.

You have to keep going; you must carry on; you just take the next step...and the next...and the next...

BJ Gallagher


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  2. Hi Pamela
    I am also a CTMH consultant and recently found your blog. I love your artwork and would like to honor you with a blog award. The information can be found on my blog

  3. Pamela, thanks for sharing and for inspiring me. I just discovered your blog and I love that you are a woman of faith! I left you a little present on my blog. http://evenmorescrapping.blogspot.com/


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