Saturday, March 27, 2010

Making Progress…

I am so grateful that my baby is now in her own room and in her own big girl bed! Because of this great achievement, we have gotten rid of the baby crib that was in my scrapbook room for almost 3 years. Hallelujah!

So that also means I was able to put my scrapbook island back into my scrapbook room. However, over the past  3 years, I have crammed as much junk in it as I could and now it’s time to purge and make room for new stuff!

Here is my work-in-progress picture…


I have really missed using this in my scrapbook room! Before the baby arrived, I had really come to love scrapbooking standing up. It is the perfect height and doesn’t make my back hurt.

So, this morning I pulled everything out of it and it now looks like this…


The below picture is a combination of stuff that I pulled out of my scrapbook room and this just some of what came out of it.  There is a pretty good pile of memorabilia that I have to sort through and lots of old projects from past workshops and swaps.


So, the purging, cleaning and organizing continue. Be back soon!


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