Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Blessings & Treats

What a glorious day yesterday was! I feel so blessed by God’s love and that He would sacrifice His one and only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for me.

We started our day off with a beautiful church service at Christoval Baptist Church. I love our little country church and we had a full house yesterday…Praise God! He continues to bless us with new members, so our little country church may not stay little much longer. So exciting!

After church, we prepared for our families to join us for lunch and an egg hunt…oh, it was Mike’s birthday too! It was a beautiful Easter Sunday with family and great weather to boot!

Here are a few pictures to check out…

Over the weekend, I did get a little crafty. I wanted to make some treats for the kids, so I decided on some fun cupcakes and treat cans.

Here are the cupcakes I created…

2010-04-04_4169 2010-04-04_4170

I found the Easter egg coconut cupcake idea on the web and then decided to do a few with just green sprinkles because not everyone likes coconut.

The treat cans I decided to do is an idea that I came across several years ago using aluminum fruit cups. It’s really hard to find them now because everything comes in plastic now, but I did manage to find some a little bit larger at Wal-Mart.


I used my Pampered Chef can opener to take off the BOTTOM of the can, emptied and cleaned them out. I also took off the label on the can.


It helps to  number the can and the bottom you took off with matching numbers so they match up when it’s time to seal them back up.


Fruit cocktail anyone? I actually served it for Easter lunch.


Sorry! I forgot to take a picture of how I filled them.  However, you can see from the picture below that you are looking into a clean empty can from the bottom. I put several pieces of candy inside and then topped it off with paper shreds. Next you seal the bottom back on using Liquid Glass (just a tiny bit all around the inside of the ‘lid’) and turn the can right side up and decorate.


I used scraps from my CTMH Level 2 Paper Packet, Caboodle, to decorate my cans along with some retired Crystal Blue grosgrain ribbon and a handwritten & stamped ‘happy Easter’ tag tied on with white hemp.



Everyone was very curious as to what was in the cans. Right before everyone left, we let the kids open them and what a fun surprise they had…more candy!

I hope that your Easter was blessed and that you have a brighter outlook today.

God bless,



  1. Pamela:
    Love the fruit cocktail can project. Guess I'll have to make these for my gals who are coming to an all-day crop. Just for MY gals, not all of the attendees. LOL
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. This looks like so much FUN...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mike :0) The cupcakes are adorable and the cans are to die for!!! LOVE the last picture of Bevyn all pooped out on the CUTE!!!


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