Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farewell & God Bless…

…to the Hurt Family


This past Sunday, we gathered together at my church to bid farewell to our Pastor Doug Hurt & his family, Lori, JT & Taylor. They had to make the difficult decision to move back to their home town to take care of elderly parents.

I am especially heart broken because this is the one & only church I’ve been a member of (I became a Christian in 2003 & joined the church in 2004) and Doug baptized me into God’s Family. I also had the honor of being our Pastor’s secretary for several years and I have become extremely close with both Doug & Lori.

We have shared so many memories these past 8 years…many joyous, but some extremely difficult. My family & I have truly been blessed to have them in our lives.

To honor their time with us, we hosted a Farewell Gathering & Lunch Reception and I put together a few special tributes for them. This is the bulletin board that I decorated for the annex where we had our lunch…


I created the three large daisies & letters using my fabulous Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge!

Here is a close up of the picture frame that I made…


Sorry the pictures are not that good of quality. I took them around 5a with my camera phone.

I cut the tags & flowers using my Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge too! I bought an open frame from Michael’s and attached some wire to the back of the frame to hang the tags on.

I also put together a slideshow of photos from the last 8 years. They have actually been with us since 2000, but I wasn’t attending then & didn’t have any digital photos before 2004. I used the song Friends by Michael W. Smith. I love surprising my friends with fun things like these!

I will share the slideshow if I’m ever able to get it uploaded.

Well, I’m really sad to see them go, but I thank God that they are only moving two hours away and that we can keep up with one another through Facebook! =)

Thanks for the memories!


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