Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Recap of Memorial Day Weekend

Summer has officially began in the O'Connor household! The kid's last day of school was last Thursday and we wrapped up the day with Caitlyn's End of School Award Assembly. Shaymus walked down from the middle school to join us and I just had to torture him by having him pose with his sister in front of the school. Ü

The main reason for doing this was to have a picture to compare to last year's end of school picture because Shaymus has grown over 3" since last June! I still can't believe how much he's changed in the last year...another scrapbook layout coming soon.

On Friday, we went to see The Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It was a great movie...but kinda long. I wouldn't be surprised to find out in a few years they are making #4...

Saturday kicked off our annual community event, Toenail Trail Days. The kids rode in the parade with Mike and his 'new' 1968 Corvette...the one we drove all the way to Indiana and back in 3 days for...I will post a layout of that trip soon using CTMH's new Route 66 Kit. Ü Here's a picture for now of them all in it.

We spent the morning at the park enjoying some live entertainment (Cloggers & Tae Kwan Doe), went home for a few hours, then Caitlyn & I went back up late afternoon and stayed til 11p! Mike and Shaymus showed up around 9:30p for the evening entertainment and we visited with one of Mike's old high school buddies.

On Sunday, we went to sunday school and church and then spent the afternoon with Mike's folks, his brother's family, an aunt and cousin. Late afternoon it started raining and we sat out on their deck visiting while the kids played with bubbles in the rain. Ü

After all the activity of the long weekend, I was ready to relax! I slept way to much on Monday...but come to find out, it may be because I may have gestational diabetes. I was tested on Friday and got the call today that my iron is low and my blood sugar is elevated, so I have to go in next Monday for the 3 hour glucose test...ugh! I won't be surprised if I do have it since Caitlyn ended up being 9lbs 1-1/2 oz and had low blood sugar when she was born. I'm praying this time I can control it with my diet and not have such a big baby.
Well, that's what we did this Memorial Day Weekend. I hope you all had a nice long weekend and are looking forward to a fun and relaxing summer!
God bless, Pamela

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