Friday, July 27, 2007

It's A Waiting Game...

Ugh! I am so ready for this little baby girl to be born! I am dying here...or so it feels like it. LOL! I have been preoccupied the last two weeks thinking she is going to be here any day now (I am 3 cm something is starting to happen at least). Anyway...that's why I haven't posted in almost two sorry!

Here's a brief update...

After having our baby shower, I decided to tackle my craft closet and make some room for all the goodies we received and also because my dh wanted his living room back to normal...according to him, the living room is his room and he doesn't want it 'baby'fied. Ü

There still is stuff from the closet all over my dining room but the good news is that I have all the new baby stuff in my craft closet neatly organized.

We have the pack 'n play upstairs and ready in our master bedroom and a new mini crib set up in my scrapbook room where my island workstation used to be (had to move it out into the dining area).

Of course...once I started this project, my energy level plummeted and I've had a hard time finding the energy to work thru all the stuff I pulled out of my closet!

I'm doing what I can when I feel up to it. For some silly reason...I keep thinking I'll have so much more energy after the baby is born...I just won't have the time then! I will feel so much better once I am able to work through all the mess and I have decluttered and reorganized everything.

For those of you looking for my latest artwork is one that I have done recently.

I submitted this 9x9 layout spread to CTMH for the Consultant Designer Ribbon Rounds Contest. I used a technique I learned from another blog using frayed grosgrain ribbon.

Last but not least, I'll leave you with my version of a self-portrait...thought this picture turned out kinda cool. I tried covering my flash so there wouldn't be a glare in the mirror. This is me at 38 weeks pregnant.

Sweet blessings to you all, Pamela

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