Friday, March 14, 2008

Down & Out...but not before...

I finished all this! :O) What a week it has been. ..

  • Monday - An all day grocery event
  • Tuesday - Prepared and worked my SIL's scrapbook club in town

2008 03 14 001

2008 03 14 002

2008 03 14 005

2008 03 14 006


  • Wednesday - Beth Moore's Stepping Up Bible Study; prepared for my Thursday scrapbook club
  • Thursday - My best friend from elementary/jr. high came out to see me and the baby, we had lunch and did some catching up on each other. Immediately after she ,I got a call from my dh saying my SIL & brother were at the hospital having a baby!?! She wasn't due for 3 more weeks, but had some blood pressure complications and the doctor thought it best to induce. I waited at home to hear how she was progressing and they originally were saying it would be 9p-midnight before the baby came. Well...he had other plans...came at 6:15p weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long! Woo-hoo! Baby, mommy & daddy are all doing great. Oh and I'm now an Aunt by blood (I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews on my dh's side of the family). :O) And the day didn't end there...I raced off to teach my scrapbook club after getting to see the baby for maybe a whole 2 minutes.
  • Friday - Actually went to bed Thursday evening not feeling to well...and now I've been running fever all day...I think I have the FLU! Whaaaa!

Spring Break officially started at 3:30p today and I'm sick in bed!!! I have so much I need to be doing. Guess I'll have a good reason to sit here and work on our National Scrapbook Day Fiesta & Operation Kids Fundraiser Event...can't wait to share all the news about this awesome event coming up May 3rd! Mark your calendars can not miss this event!

Have a wonderful weekend, Pamela

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  1. Sorry to hear your not feeling well hope you get better soon. I love your scrapbook pages they are so cute I need to get back into scraping again.Oh and congratulations on becoming an Aunt again.


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