Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting Things in Order

Two years ago I signed up for Stacey Julian's Library of Memories online class at Big Picture Scrapbooking with BIG hopes & dreams of finally getting my photos organized so that I could begin to scrapbook more meaningful layouts. Well...I'm really good at starting projects, but have a hard time keeping myself motivated throughout the process. So, here it is two years later trying to get things in order again. Ü

Thanks to Stacey's graciousness (and probably knowing there are a lot of us procrastinators out there), she has made her Library of Memories 2008 online class available to those of us that have been in her prior classes. You Rock Stacey!

LOL...her 2008 class started at the end of February and I'm just now starting it! I spend all last evening and this morning downloading all of the handouts, audio messages, etc. so that I can work on the class this summer. Pray for perseverance... I need it!

Ok...what got me back on track after two years??? My Internet went down at lunch time on Thursday and that gave me a perfect reason to get up and get busy decluttering and organizing my studio.

Check this out...

2008 05 16 009 Blog

I could kick myself for not taking a before picture (I bet I can find one and update the post in a bit). This is a small area between the main door and the bathroom door in my studio. The creative cubes used to have shelves spaced about 2" apart and held all my CTMH cardstock. When I got my built-in storage unit for my cardstock, I started removing the shelves in my creative cubes unit and it ended up being a dumping ground for lots of stuff and looked absolutely horrible until yesterday.

Here is a little run down of what's in each cube...

  • Upper Left - these are some 12x12 paper holders that I got at Hobby Lobby that I store pages in progress, extra memory protectors, retired CTMH specialty papers, and a little bit of old contraband product that I haven't been able to give away or use yet. If I haven't mentioned...I love Close To My Heart products so much and have been using them now for 10 years, so...I don't buy other products anymore. CTMH is the BEST!
  • Upper Right - I got these Iris Scrapbook Central 12" x 12" scrapbook cases at Hobby Lobby this week to store my new CTMH summer products in. Each new idea book has five new kits and I always get the paper packets, a stamp set or two and new accessories that coordinate to use each month of my monthly scrapbook clubs. I'm hoping this will be a great project storage container that I can grab and get to work on when I have time available to create. I can keep everything inside that I want to use with that kit.  I think this will also be a great way to take my completed pages, diagrams, and needed supplies to each club.
  • 2nd Left - these are just empty notebooks right now...will probably fill them with ideas that I print out, gatherings and workshops on the go ideas, and CTMH Keynote newsletters, etc.
  • 2nd Right - these are also empty at the moment...I'll be using the photo storage boxes to store my sorted photos in and then the cd boxes to store all my digital photo backup cds.
  • 3rd Left - Pages in Progress storage tote and a few misc items
  • 3rd Right - three albums in progress and empty clear paint cans and nugget tins
  • Bottom Left & Right - magazines & idea books

I've got some BIG plans in the next few months and I hope to continue to share the process with you as it will mean rearranging a few other areas in my studio to make my space more efficient and user friendly.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. God bless, Pamela

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