Friday, January 21, 2011

It’s All About Organization – Part II

The clean up has begun and I am starting to feel so much better about my space. =) I have found that the best way to clean up/organize is to move the clutter from the space first…move it into the next room…which happens to be our dining room. When I do this, I have to make a commitment to myself (and to my husband) that I will have it ALL done in a day or two. So, it works best to do it over a weekend when I have nothing big I have to do or some place that I have to be. This happens to be that weekend!

So, this is what my dining room looks like at the moment…


This is the top of my island that I have to work through…


But, check this out! Once all the clutter was been cleared out, I was able to wipe down all the surface areas and reorganize things a bit.


Ahhh…now I can sort/purge through the piles on the island and in the dining room over the next two days. I will be purging A LOT because with the unveiling of the Close To My Heart Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book…there will be a TON of items retiring/discontinued. I will have a majority of those items for sale at my Idea Book Celebration & Crop next Saturday, January 29th from 10a – 8p. If you would like to reserve a crop space for the day please RSVP to let me know you are coming and I’ll have a special goodie for you! =)

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll share more of my adventures on the clean up with soon.


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