Friday, February 11, 2011

Faith-Filled Friday

Welcome to Faith-Filled Friday!

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I have been thinking about starting Faith-Filled Fridays for some time now and just sat down a few minutes ago and decided now was as good a time as any to jump right into it. So here we go…

My goal with this weekly post will be to share with you snippets of my daily walk through out the past week with God. It may be such things as what I’m reading or listening to, events that are happening in my life, lessons that God is teaching me and so forth. There will probably be no rhyme or reason to it all, but as I’ve learned over the last several years…that’s LIFE!

Well, let’s get started…

Two weeks ago, our Thursday morning Bible study group began a new study by Priscilla Shirer entitled, Jonah – Navigating a Life Interrupted.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book…

You Can’t Escape Life’s Interruptions

They shock us: they shake us; they compel us to change. You can’t escape life’s interruptions, but you can change your perspective on them. Dive into the study of Jonah and discover that what you see as an interruption may truly be God’s divine invitation to a life so much bigger than you can imagine.

I have completed Week 1 of this study and I want to share with you a few insights I’ve learned already…

  • The Book of Jonah is not really about a man swallowed up by a big fish.
  • Jonah was the only prophet who received instructions from God and ran from what God told him to do.
  • I planned one thing for my life, and yet my current situation looks nothing like what I had in mind.
  • I hate interruptions!
  • I have to decide to yield to divine intervention at the cost of my own plans or continue on my own path instead.
  • I don’t mind following Christ as long as His path eventually converges onto the one I already have chosen.
  • When the Lord speaks over my life, separating me unto Himself for His purposes or allowing circumstances to derail me from my original plan, I should consider it my personal invitation from God to join Him in His work.
  • I will be continually frustrated as I run from or ignore His attempts to guide me toward His best for me. His best includes predetermined purposes that I’ve been specifically equipped to master.
  • God’s plans for me are so overwhelmingly beyond anything that I could ever imagine that my feelings or ability to reason His directives cannot be the determining factor for choosing obedience.
  • Engaging in God’s will is not always comfortable or convenient, but it is worth it.

Wow…am I in for the ride of my life or what!?!

If you’d like to join me, grab a member book and download the audio or video of each session HERE.

Now, I have one last thing to share…

Here is the latest song from my all-time favorite Christian artist, Shawn McDonald...

I love the lyrics that say…’Tell me why do I run when I am in fear? Why do I run when you are so near?’ Hmmm…sounds a lot like the story of Jonah.

Have a Blessed Weekend and Keep the Faith!


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  1. Thank you for that! It's always a struggle to deal with those interuptions and to look to him at the same time and now that there is a reason... I just blogged about my latest interuption as well!


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