Friday, May 27, 2011

Top 10 Countdown – Why I Love CTMH – Reasons #8 & #7


Now through May 31st, I will be counting down the top 10 reasons why becoming a Close To My Heart consultant over 12 years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made. I hope that over the next 10 days something that I share will resonate with you and you will see why becoming a Close To My Heart consultant in May could be one of the best decisions you ever make!

Let’s get to it…

#8 – People

Can I tell you just how blessed I’ve been over the past 12 years!?! I have met so many wonderful women (and a few gentlemen…hi Dr. Phil) all because of my Close To My Heart business. A lot of these women have become some of my very best friends and many of them don’t even live in the same state that I do!


First, are my customers. They are the best and they always come through for me when I’m trying to meet a goal…like making Director this month…only a few more days to sign up…CLICK HERE if you haven’t done so yet! =)

Then there is my wonderful team of consultants…the Stampers from the Heart Team. I love these women so much because we have a common interest in what we do with Close To My Heart and we have become like a little extended family over the years. I know many of us continue working our businesses just so we can maintain our minimums so we can remain a part of the ‘family’.


I can’t forget my wonderful uplines, Kimberly and her team the Stamper’s with an Attitude and Karen and her team the Dream Team! We have so much fun when we get together…like this past February when I traveled to Las Vegas for Kim’s Winter Stamp Camp! 


And last but not least…all the wonderful consultants all across the country & the corporate staff…they are incredible! 

#7 – Convention

There are not words to express how amazing it is to attend Close To My Heart’s annual convention! This year is going to be especially exciting as it’s going to be at…DISNEYLAND!!!

I look so forward to attending convention each year to meet up with a lot of the friends that I mentioned above and to find out what new & innovating products & programs Close To My Heart has come up with to WOW us…which they do on a regular basis! It’s also a wonderful time to learn new business tips and creative techniques.

In the past I have enjoyed traveling to Portland, Oregon all the way to Orlando, Florida…and in between! It’s always fun to find out where we are going next.

This video will give you a pretty good idea of why I love convention so much…


Have I convinced you yet why I love Close To My Heart and why I know you will too when you become a Close To My Heart consultant today!?!

If you’d like to be a part of the fun…don’t delay…click here today!

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