Thursday, July 14, 2011

CTMH Convention Excitement Begins!!!


You can feel the excitement and the energy as hundreds of Close To My Heart Consultants gather for this year’s annual convention in Disneyland! Today is the BIG day Close To My Heart will be unveiling new products and programs for the coming year and we will get to see it all in action this afternoon at Extravaganza.

My roomies and I are about to head out to our first general session to hear the BIG news…

Word is that Close To My Heart is going to ROCK the scrapbook world today!!!

Oh, I can’t wait to hear and see it all!!!

Wish you were all here with me! Stay tuned for the BIG announcement…

Keep up-to-date by visiting CTMH’s Facebook Page. There is a link the right sidebar.

Have a magical day…I know I am…


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