Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Limits with CTMH’s Studio J Online Scrapbooking

Oh my goodness! I am so excited about this new feature in Close To My Heart’s Studio J Online Scrapbooking! This is especially exciting for those of you that design your digital scrapbooks using digital kits that you have purchased else where and designed on your own.

Let me explain…

Maybe I should say…let Nona Davenport explain! I just learned of this amazing new feature via her blog post which I have copied a portion of it below to share with you…

“One of my favorite new features of Studio J is the template "No Limits".  For a long time, I've been both a SJ digi scrapper, and a photoshop digi scrapper.  I've had my layouts from SJ printed through Close To My Heart, and the photoshop layouts printed through Costco, or other printing services.

But I've always been much more satisfied with the printing quality of the CTMH pages.  That's where No Limits comes in!  It's a totally blank canvas, and I can load whatever jpg files I want into it.  So now, I can take my photoshop layouts, save them as a jpg, and then load them into the No Limits SJ template.  Voila!  All of my digital scrapping needs printed in one convenient place!”

How stinkin’ cool is that!?!

I had to go check out the “No Limits” template for myself…and sure enough, there it was!


You see the two blank squares? Well, if you have digital scrapbook layouts that you have created and saved on your computer, you can upload the jpg files and then drop them into the ‘photo wells’ and viola! You can have them printed along with any Studio J layouts you have created (or not) and have Close To My Heart print them for you. I can attest…the print quality is exceptional!

Let me share the details of acquiring a Studio J membership so that you get the best value for your money…

Save an amazing 50% off retail price by becoming a Studio J® member. Only members receive free JPG files of their layouts with each purchased custom-printed layout and also have the option to purchase JPG files separately. JPG files come in both high resolution and thumbnail sizes to print, share, or archive. Membership comes with other perks like exclusive patterns, kits, and free Memory Protectors®. On top of all that, members also get free shipping on one order per month that has a total of 4 to 20 layouts in the continental US or 7 to 20 layouts in Canada and non-continental US shipping zones. For full details, see the FAQ.

Membership Options
12-Month membership - $99.00 US

3-Month membership - $30.00 US

   Per two-page, custom-printed layout - $6.50 US

   Per two-page JPG file - $3.00 US

Minimum layouts per order for free shipping
4 (continental US)
7 (non-continental US and Canada)

or you might like to try…

A 5-pack - includes 5 two-page, custom-printed layouts, 5 Memory Protectors, and free shipping. Ideal for gift giving, or as an affordable way to try Studio J for the first time.

5-Pack - $55.00 US

Give Studio J a try today…


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  1. What a cool feature Studio J has added! Thanks so much for sharing this.


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