Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Nesting is Setting In...

Whew! Today was finally a good day to get some things accomplished in my scrapbook room. As I was finishing this project up tonight and I was waiting for my dh to come home, I thought...only a true scrapbooker/stamper would understand this accomplishment. LOL!

I worked all day collecting/sorting thru several years worth of CTMH My Reflections Kits and organizing them ALL into my 12x12 file drawers! You must understand what a hugh job this was...I not only filed them alphabetical order into these two drawers, but I sorted thru each kit and pulled all the cardstock and cardstock scraps from the kits and then filed each kit into a 12x12 file folder...I have 72 CTMH My Reflection Kits!!! Next I had to type and print labels for those that I didn't have tabs for and then I reorganized the tabs so I could see all the labels when looking for a particular kit. Once all that was done, I had to put away all the cardstock that I had pulled from the kits (I have a basket full of cardstock scraps that I still need to sort and store).

Below is something I accomplished a week or so ago...I moved all My Acrylix Stamps from a cabinet with doors to an open shelving unit, so that I could access them a little better and it made more room for my photo boxes/photo albums inside the cabinet with doors.

Remember a few posts back??? I had a pile of magazines sitting here on my more! It's nice, clean and organized! Ü

Here are the piles of magazines and catalogs that we will be taking to the recycle center on Friday! I still have a pile under my computer desk to go thru and pull any ideas/articles that I want to keep. Hopefully I'll get thru them by next week.

I've finally managed to clear off my sitting work area! Up until recently, I have been doing all my scrapbooking/stamping standing at my island on the other side of the room. But because the baby's crib will have to go where the island is now (moving the island into the dining room or the closet...if I ever get it cleared out) I will need to start using my sitting work area again. However...

I can't quite get to my sitting work area yet! LOL! This is what I have to sort thru and organize next! Ugh! Will it ever end???

Hope you enjoyed the adventures of a nesting scrapaholic! Ü

Until next time...Count your blessings, Pamela


  1. Oh, Pamela, I understand perfectly. You are doing great. And I love your organization. I need to do this too. I love to read your blog.

  2. Is that a Cricut I see sitting on the counter???


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