Monday, January 17, 2011

It’s All About Organization!

This MUST be the week to get my scrapbook room ORGANIZED because the challenge this week at the Heart 2 Heart Challenge blog is ORGANIZATION and it’s also ORGANIZATION WEEK over at Close To My Heart’s Facebook Page.

So, even though my scrapbook room is NOT organized right now, I thought I’d share some photos with you of my scrapbook room when it WAS organized. I’m hoping this will INSPIRE me to get in there and get it ORGANIZED by week’s end. =)

I have to laugh because these BEFORE pictures taken almost a year ago actually look almost like it does RIGHT NOW…

2010 03 26_3979 edited 2010 03 26_3971 edited 2010 03 26_3973 edited 2010 03 26_3974 edited 2010 03 26_3975 edited 2010 03 26_3978 edited

HOW in the world do I let it get this way???

NOW, after looking at the below AFTER photos, I’m starting to get INSPIRED to get in there and get it CLEANED UP!

2009-06-29_07182009-06-29_07172009-06-22_0657   2009-06-29_07242009-06-29_0719

Doesn’t it look so pretty ORGANIZED and CLEAN!?!

Now these pictures below really make me happy! This time last year, my island was in the dining room because there was a baby crib in my scrapbook room. So, to get my island back in my scrapbook room AND get it organized like THIS made me a VERY HAPPY momma! =)

2010 03 27_4088 edited2010 03 27_4085 edited2010 03 27_4086 edited2010 03 27_4129 edited 2010 03 27_4128 edited

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of my scrapbook room. =) I will let you know LATER this week what it looks like by posting NOW pictures!!!

Have a blessed week and make it from your heart with Close To My Heart!



  1. Pamela, your room is fabulous...even on the before pictures! I would love all those cabinets and counter space, and an island in the middle is a dream of mine. Thanks for sharing with us, and thank you for being brave and posting your before pics too :)

  2. Pamela, your space is awesome! I love the before pics. It makes me feel better about my space when it is messy (which is most of the time!) Looking forward to seeing your "now" pics later this week! *Ü*

  3. Pamela - I love how you keep a lot of cards & projects out on display! It makes it so much more inspiring to work when you can see what you've already accomplished around you :o) Thanks for joining us at H2H this week.

  4. Hi Pamela!
    Love your space! You have so much room and the island is awesome. I'm happy you have it back in there. Thanks for sharing with us at H2H!

  5. I am envious. That room looks big, and there it's set up perfectly to scrapbook.

  6. I am so totally jealous! I have a little "room" but i also need some organization! I've been scouring CTMH sites trying to find ways to make my area work! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love your room! I love the idea that you keep alot of your artworks on display!! Thank you for letting us peek in your craft room! :)

  8. I absolutely covet your counter space and your cabinets. Thanks for showing us your creative space.


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