Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blast from the Past–CTMH Extravaganza 2002

Wow! I can not believe it was 10 years ago that I taught my first Close To My Heart Extravaganza Class with partner, Cindy Denning! This year I will be teaching my fifth Close To My Extravaganza Class…solo. What an honor and privilege it has been to represent Close To My Heart and their amazing products all these years!

I thought it would be fun to share with you our artwork and class info from Cindy and I’s first class in 2002 called, Marketing Magic. For those that have been around awhile…I’m sure you will enjoy reminiscing!

Here we go…

Marketing Magic
Cindy Denning & Pamela O'Connor

We have developed an easy approach for marketing your Close To My Heart business using incentives and appreciation gifts with monthly theme concepts to carry you through an entire year of business. Our objective is to show you how to use our Business Booster stamp sets in all areas of your business including, but not limited to, customer appreciation, booking incentives, creative recruiting, downline encouragement and unit meeting theme ideas.

Marketing Magic Theme Ideas

Here are just a few suggested themes and stamp sets to use throughout the year for all your marketing needs. You can incorporate all of our Business Booster stamp sets into these theme ideas for use in customer, hostess and downline appreciation and incentive ideas, plus unit newsletters and quarterly meetings.


  • Celebrations of the Heart - Celebrate the achievements of your hostesses and downline using 6022 Bodacious Bolds, as shown on Display Board #1.
  • Shoot for the Stars - Encourage your customers, hostesses and Downline to set goals, then reward them with an appreciation gift when they reach their goal. Suggested stamps to use are S412 Blast Off or S300 You're a Star.


  • Let's Play Ball - Encourage everyone to join your team and create his or her own success with sport stamps. We suggest using S250 Touchdown Set or S255 Home Run, as seen on Display Board #3.


  • Fly with Me - Use S494 Flying Friends as shown on Display Board #4 to encourage your team and hostesses to join you in working towards their goals.
  • You Add Color to My World - Show your appreciation to your customers, hostesses and downline. Let them know how you feel throughout the year by using S464 Painter Bear, as shown on Display Board #5.


  • Leave a Lasting Legacy - Share the message of love and friendship you will gain when you become a part of the Close To My Heart family of customers, hostesses and Consultants. Use 6028 I Love Scrapbooks or S454 The Stamp Lady, as shown on Display Board #6.


  • You Rock - Give encouragement with the power of words using S281 Girl Power set. See Display Board #7.


  • Planting Seeds - Plant ideas for orders, Gatherings and becoming a Consultant by using S342 In Friendship's Garden, as shown on Display Board #8.


  • Sail Away with Me - Encourage your team to join you in the next cruise contest. Makes a great unit meeting theme. Customers and hostesses will want to help you, too, through higher sales and becoming Consultants themselves. Use S217 Anchors Away, as shown on Display Board #9, to promote the contest all year long.

Customer Appreciation and Incentive Ideas

  • Packaged Incentive Prizes - Use for specific dollar amount incentives, door prizes and booking incentives
  • Thank You for your Order cards - Show of appreciation to be sent the day after the order is received
  • Preferred Customer Punch cards - Encourage future orders
  • Thinking of You cards - Promote future contact

Hostess Appreciation and Incentive Ideas


  • Hostess Packets - Create a theme to use throughout all your hostess materials
  • Invitations - Stamp invitations with Business Booster stamps like Bring a Friend, Receive a Gift, Phone Orders Welcome and Earn Free Stamps. Promote attendance, outside orders, and bookings.
  • Dating Gift Bags - Same as customer packaged incentive prizes
  • Confirmation Cards - Send the day after a Gathering is scheduled to remind the hostess of the date and time and to say thank you.
  • Thank You for Being a Great Hostess card - Send the day a Gathering closes

Creative Recruiting Ideas


  • Recruiting Baskets - Include the Opportunity Video with stamped cover, package of popcorn, a chocolate bar with stamped wrapper and a small bottle of water with a stamped label.
  • Follow-up cards - Send to those interested in more information.
  • Pop Bottles - Send to new recruits with fun items they can use for their new business, such as our supply item pens, a moneybag, and a Glad You Are on My Team card. The ideas are endless!

Downline Appreciation, Encouragement and Training Ideas


  • Team Meetings - Incorporate the Marketing Magic themes
  • Team Newsletters - Build upon the themes and include recognition and business building ideas.
  • Cards of Encouragement/Recognition/Support - Use the Business Booster stamps to promote unity.


  • Gift Bags - Fill with incentive gifts recognizing top sellers or specific achievements.

We encourage Consultants to reach out to their hostesses, customers, potential recruits and downline by adding the extra touch with the creative artwork that Close To My Heart is known for, and by incorporating these theme ideas and the Business Booster stamp sets that are available to us all.


How fun is that!?! I so wish I had a copy of the video we had to submit with our teaching application…AND all the out takes! It was so stinkin’ hilarious!!! I will be back with another Extravaganza Blast from the Past next week!



  1. Awe, Cindy is my upline and I love her to pieces!! This CTMH sisterhood sure is special. Have fun st convention!

  2. Pamela, I love your ideas here! I am really looking forward to attending Extravaganza and hope you teach one of the sessions I will be in!


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